Personal Make Up Course | Learning the right technique to look natural

Personal make up course On the 7th of November, I conducted a personal make up course in Penang for 4 beautiful and energetic ladies. The theme for that day was “girl in white”. The class was conducted at one of the ladies house and the house atmosphere was cozy and relaxing making the class so much fun. It is fortunate that all the 4 beautiful ladies are very supportive and sporting making the overall session interesting and full of laughter. We started the class at approximately 1.30pm. I started the personal make up course by teaching them how to apply the foundation than after using loose powder. This is to make sure that the overall make up will look natural without making it look heavy and thick. Personal make up course | Overall session lasted about 4 hours After teaching them how to applying the foundation correctly, we proceed with applying the eye shadow. Each of them took around 30 minutes to apply the eye shadow. After that, we proceed with the last step which is drawing the eye liner and applying the mascara for the eye section. Some of them find it a bit hard to apply due to their first time but after several attempts, they are able to do it correctly. The overall session lasted about 4 hours and we end the make up class at around 5.30pm. Since everybody is beautifully make up, we took the opportunity to have fun and take some pictures. I hope all of them are happy with the personal make up course and I wish them all the best in future. :)

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